Natalie - Meyers

Associate Director of Operations

Phone: 574.631.1546

Office: 620 Flanner Hall


Natalie Meyers serves as an associate director of operations for Lucy Family Institute. Meyers supports the operational aspects of the Institute, such as: budget, development & deployment of data platform(s), reporting, oversight of research and education programs, engagement with internal & external stakeholders, staff management & recruitment activities. Meyers's research focuses on research data management and software preservation. She holds a concurrent appointment with the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship, and an affiliation with the GO FAIR US Support and Coordination Office.  Prior to joining Notre Dame, she was co-owner of Content Innovations, LLC a California certified woman-owned small business in San Francisco. Meyers was previously a programmer analyst and GIS specialist at UC Berkeley where she also received her Masters in Library and Information Systems (MLIS) with a concentration in Systems Analysis and Database Design. She also holds an MA in English from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.