The Lucy Family Institute is committed to training the next generation of data scientists to guide data-driven discoveries.

Affiliated students develop an interdisciplinary understanding of networked and data-driven systems, and have the ability to design rigorous algorithms and models applicable to a broad range of careers. At the Institute, students are also trained to engage stakeholders and to incorporate the societal impacts and considerations of their craft.

Workshops & Trainings

The Lucy Family Institute offers a wide variety of free trainings, workshops, and guest lectures to Notre Dame faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students. These events cover programming techniques and methods ranging from basic to advanced levels. 

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iTREDS Program

The newly launched Interdisciplinary Traineeship for Socially Responsible and Engaged Data Scientists (iTREDS) program trains undergraduate students in data science through a lens of social responsibility and community engagement, including rigor and responsibility, ethics, society, and policy. The goal of the 15-credit program is to develop scholars with an in-depth data science background as well as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and other skills necessary for professional development.