Early Bridges to Data Science Program Details


Each cohort of fellows consists of 6th to 8th-grade math or science teachers from schools in the South Bend – Elkhart region (see Application Criteria for eligibility requirements). Fellows attend a summer immersion institute and work collaboratively with each other and their advisory team during the academic year to design, develop and deliver data-science related curriculum in their classrooms.

Summer Immersion Institute

The summer immersion institute is a two-and-a-half-day training program on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. During the program, fellows take the following introductory data science courses taught by Notre Dame faculty: 

  1. Introduction to Data Science 
  2. Statistical Thinking: The math of data science. 
  3. Data Management: Responsible and ethical use of data.    
  4. Data Visualization: Communicating visual insights. 
  5. Capstone: Bringing it all together. 

Academic Year

  • During the fall semester, fellows work with their advisory team (content coach, technical adviser, and researchers) to design and develop 5-10 data science-related lesson plans.
  • During the spring semester, fellows deliver lessons in the classroom and work with their advisory team to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson plans as well as the lesson delivery mechanisms.