Aydin - Wells

Email: awells24@nd.edu
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Advisor: Tijana Milenkovic

Cohort: 2023-2025

Aydin Wells is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department at University of Notre Dame. He completed his B.S. in Physics and Mathematics at Northeastern University. Before entering his Ph.D. program, he was a Lead Data Specialist at Leidos, Inc. under the Security Detection and Automation (SD&A) division. His research interests lie at the intersection of biology, computer science and physics. His current work combines complex network approaches with complementary omics data to shift the motivations of network biology from species-level studies to personalized-level applications. Aydin is passionate about redefining computational biological technology from a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy to a “one-size-fits-you” reality. Beyond his research, he works on small-scale Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects and entrepreneurial endeavors.