iTREDS Curriculum



One cohort. Three curriculum pathways. Fifteen credit hours.

The iTREDS program consists of data science curriculum that builds data acumen and provides interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunity and experience with a societal impact.

Within the two-year program, scholars are required to fulfill the following five-course (15 credits) and summer internship requirement as part of their undergraduate plan of study:

Year 1

Introduction to Data Science [3 credits]
  • ND CSE Major: CSE 40647 (CSE elective credit)
  • ND MDSC Minor: MDSC 20009 (MDSC required credit)
  • SMC Student: General elective credit
Design Matters: Design Thinking Seminar [1 credit]
  • ND CSE Major: DESN 20203 (Art & Lit core credit)
  • ND MDSC Minor: DESN 20203 (Art & Lit core credit or MDSC elective credit)
  • SMC Student: DESN 20203 (General elective credit)
Data Ethics [3 credits]
  • ND CSE Major: PHIL 24455  (Phil. elective credit)
  • ND MDSC Minor: PHIL 24455 (Phil. elective credit or MDSC elective credit)
  • SMC Student: PHIL 24455 (General elective credit)

Year 2

Data Science Elective [3 credits]

This elective can include an advanced data science course in Notre Dame’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering or Saint Mary’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. It may also include a relevant course from the designated major or Minor in Data Science. The course must be approved.

  • ND CSE Major: CSE elective credit
  • ND MDSC Minor: Required MDSC class: CSE10101- Elements of Computing 1
  • SMC Student: Major elective credit

The course must be approved.


Internship [0 credits]

All iTREDS scholars must also participate in a summer internship with the public or private sector before their senior year. 

Senior Year

Capstone Project [5 credits]

Each iTREDS scholar must implement a Capstone project, collaborating closely with a stakeholder organization. The process of launching the capstone idea begins in the Design Thinking seminar. This process continues into the fall and spring semesters, seamlessly integrating data science, social responsibility, and community engagement.

As compensation for their Capstone project research, iTREDS scholars receive a stipend of $5,000.

This structure ensures that iTREDS scholars gain hands-on experience in applying data science principles to real-world challenges while making meaningful contributions to their communities

  • ND CSE Major: CSE elective credit
  • ND MDSC Minor: MDSC elective credit
  • SMC Student: Senior elective credit

Please note that students who have taken any of these courses before acceptance into iTREDS (for example, if students take them in their sophomore year) can count them towards the iTREDS curriculum.

iTREDS Scholars Pathway

Need more information?

For more information on the iTREDS program, please contact Sugana Chawla.