Blue/Gold Game Day STEM/Data & Society Outreach

ND Athletics and the Lucy Civic Innovation Lab (LCIL) are partnering to offer a STEM / Data & Society outreach event for approximately 200 students in grades 3-5 from schools on the West Side of South Bend on the morning of the Blue/Gold gameSaturday April 20

We’re looking for volunteers to help with the event, primarily working with small groups of students to help them with the activities. 

There will be two activities:

  • Bean Bag Toss / Sports Statistics:  Students will learn some basics about statistics by tossing bean bags at a target with the goal of having the average distance from the center be as small as possible.  Volunteers will enter data on where bags land into a Google Form on their phones and a histogram with stats is displayed on a screen in real time.
  • Energy Chain Reaction:  Students will learn about work and energy by building a huge chain reaction with popsicle sticks, foam blocks, rubber bands and ping pong balls that explodes when released.  Volunteers will help them build it.

The event will be in Heritage Hall on the 2nd floor of the Joyce Center.  Volunteers should plan to arrive by 9:15 for orientation.  The event starts at 10:00 and ends at 11:00.  Following the event, the students will have lunch and then go to the game.

To sign up to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer form.