Seham S. Kafafi

Seham Kafafi

2023-2025 Lucy Graduate Scholar


Seham S. Kafafi is a psychology PhD student in the Cognition, Brain, and Behavior area. She is pursuing a double minor in Advanced Quantitative Social Science and Peace Studies. Her research examines the cognitive and neural mechanisms of memory processes in older adults using neuroimaging techniques. Prior to her PhD, she studied the relationship between cortical structures and memory performance across the adult lifespan and in patients with epilepsy. She earned her MSc. in Mindfulness from King’s College London and completed her master’s thesis on the neural correlates of meditation on startle responses. Furthermore, her undergraduate research at the American University in Cairo explored the stressors and coping strategies of Egyptians following the 2011 Arab Spring. She has also worked with Sudanese refugees assimilated in Egypt to identify the political and cultural implications of community-based research. The combination of her research experiences has instilled a sense of social responsibility in her work.





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