Kyla Jones

Kyla Jones headshot

2023-2025 Lucy Graduate Scholar

Kyla Jones received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering with research honors in Applied Mathematics and Computation from Oregon State University in 2021. As a Ph.D. student in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, she works in the Computational Molecular Sciences & Engineering Laboratory (CoMSEL) in Dr. Alexander Dowling’s research group. Her research focuses on optimization under uncertainty with hybrid models, which quantify uncertainty in insufficient process data and misspecified (i.e., incorrect) physicochemical models. Her recent work emphasizes reactor optimization with misspecified kinetic models, which has broad applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Moving forward, she will extend this framework to design of experiments and large-scale nonlinear optimization, emphasizing software development for the Python-based optimization modeling language Pyomo.



Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering


Alexander Dowling