Summer Education and Engagement for Data Science (SEEDS) Program

The SEEDS program offers:

  • A three-week immersion program for local high-school students, especially those from under-resourced schools and communities, to learn about data science and to apply skills through hands-on project-based learning tied to their experiences and interests;
  • A summer internship for undergraduate students in data-science related disciplines to teach and mentor high-school students. Undergraduate students design and facilitate interactive workshops in data science and visualization, data ethics, data analytics, and coding. It is a great way to foster early engagement in data science, an increasingly important subject for citizen education, and to prepare students for the future job market. It is also a great way for undergraduate students to develop skills in teaching, mentorship, and leadership. 

Launched in summer of 2022, the SEEDS program received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its first cohort of high-school participants (100% female, 100% URM), who gave a 4.5/5 average satisfaction rating. Specific questions about the SEEDS program can be directed to Dr. Alison Cheng (