Researchers at the Lucy Family Institute bring forth innovation in AI algorithms to address 21st century challenges, including innovation in design thinking to develop a coherent framework collaboration with stakeholders about AI use and applications as well as inclusion of social responsibility and engagement elements such as issues ethics, trust, and bias from the very beginning of any initiative.

AI researchers have to be able to begin to answer questions like:

  • How can people effectively engage with stakeholders to develop problem statements, understand the real challenges, and deliver actionable solutions or insights that can be implemented?
  • What innovations in algorithms and methods are appropriate to model and analyze the very diverse sources of data and problems?
  • What social, ethical, and policy implications are there in using using and deploying AI?
  • Is there inherent bias in the data or algorithms?
  • How is human bias manifested in data-driven decision support tools?

These questions can only be answered by a concerted interdisciplinary effort. These are not just the domain of computer science or AI but a combined domain of computer scientists, social scientists, ethicists, and policy experts.