Lucy Convergence Seminar series with Nuno Moniz & Margaret Traeger


Location: B01 McCourtney Hall (View on map )

Convergence Nd Energy

"Critical Challenges in AI today"


Tuesday, March 21, 2023
3:30 PM in B01 McCourtney Hall

This monthly Convergence Seminar Series will feature short presentations by Lucy Affiliates in order to build community and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations. There will also be time for networking and small group discussions.

Speakers will include Nuno Moniz (Associate Research Professor for the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society) and Margaret Traeger (Assistant Professor for IT, Analytics, and Operations).

How do the energy-guzzling processes of AI development call on both academia and industry to ponder our impact on climate change and sustainability? As more complex AI tools enter our daily lives, how do we understand the behavior of machines and the issues around human-machine interaction? In this seminar, we will discuss potential sustainable solutions in the development and study of AI, the concept of temporal explainability, and how an interdisciplinary approach could help us understand the dynamics of machine behavior and human-machine interaction over time.

All faculty and staff are welcome to attend.

Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP here.