"The Future is Equitable - the Cost to Commercial Plan Sponsors of Ignoring Addressable Health Disparities" with Andy Hiles


Location: 159 Mendoza (View on map )


Andy Hiles, Vice President of Plan Sponsor Insights & Health Equity Solutions at Aetna since 2017, will be speaking on the topic of how Employer-provided insurance is the largest source of health coverage in America. New analytics show that the social, financial, and racial challenges historically associated with public health plans can also be found in employer-sponsored programs. These new analytics are a foundational step forward in building interventions that will lead to more equitable health care in America.

He started assisting with related classes at the University of Notre Dame at both the undergraduate and MBA levels in 2017 and reached out to join the conversation in response to the Lucy Family Institute's announcement of the partnership with Accenture to grow health equity data and analytics to improve health care for vulnerable populations. 

After the presentation, please grab a coffee or a drink from the faculty lounge and join us in Mendoza 339 from 10:45 am - 12:00 pm where Andy can answer any questions or discuss more about this topic.