Can We Really Make Responsible AI?


Location: 140 DeBartolo Hall (View on map )


What is Responsible AI? Why is it making the hype cycle and what does it mean to the world of research and technology? This is a place where universities, faculty and researchers have a rare opportunity and charter to take the lead and define the conversation. Not only as it relates to AI but all the technologies that AI enables and touches. So, what’s the challenge? In this interactive seminar, we will look as honestly as we can at the messy world of emerging technology and how it’s getting in the center of some of the biggest challenges, opportunities and dilemmas of our times. Because the way we are designing our world with technology is also designing us. We’ll ask difficult questions, including, what can we–engineers, engineering schools and universities do–and even why they should care. Bring your questions, skepticism and ideas–and we’ll see what sense we can make of it together. 

Alka Roy is a product and technology leader who has built and launched over 100+ Wireless, Cloud & Conversational AI products working with startups and Fortune 500 companies. She is the founder of RI Labs and The Responsible Innovation Project where she runs a Future of Innovation & Leadership Program for global leaders, researchers, and founders with a framework and lens to navigate emerging tech and innovation with responsibility and delight. Her RI Framework has appeared in an academic journal and in Forbes. Her online courses on 5G & AI and Ethics in AI & Data Science for the Linux Foundation have been accessed globally in over 83 countries/regions. She has also lectured at the University of Berkeley on Responsible Innovation for Entrepreneurs, Tech Makers & Business Leaders, holds patents for policy and security frameworks, and has served on advisory boards for startups, industry groups, nonprofits, and human rights organizations. In addition to being a Notre Dame Alumni with a Computer Science & Electrical Engineering degree, Alka also holds an MFA in creative writing & literature.