RFP Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

How do I become a Lucy Affiliate?

Individuals interested in becoming an Affiliate may self-nominate or be nominated by a current Affiliate and will then be appointed by the Director. Please send your name and CV to Alissa Doroh (adoroh@nd.edu). 

How do I know if I am already a Lucy Affiliate?

Please see the Affiliates page for the most current list.

Are all members of the proposing team required to be Lucy Affiliates?

Yes. Please refer to the previous question if you are interested in becoming an Affiliate.

Can I apply if I am a staff member?

Yes! There is no distinction between proposals submitted by faculty or staff for Tracks 1, 3, and 4B. Proposals will be evaluated based on the selection criteria.

Track 2 requires a faculty lead given the mentorship requirements of graduate students and postdocs. Staff are encouraged to join Track 2 proposing teams.

Can I get access to the slides and/or recording from the info session?

Yes, please email Katie Liu (kliu22@nd.edu) to request a copy of the slides or a link to the recording.

Track-specific Questions:

Track 1 (Convening):

What is the earliest start date that may be proposed in a project timeline?

All awards will be announced on April 20, 2022, so teams are advised to propose a timeline that begins April 21, 2022 or later.

How can I get an idea of the expenses associated with hosting events (conference, seminar series, etc)? 

Please contact Alissa Doroh (adoroh@nd.edu) for a budget consultation.

Track 2 (Research Accelerator):

Can the funding period be shifted if I am not able to recruit a postdoc by May 1?

Yes, the funding period can be adjusted depending on delays in recruiting or the timeline of recruitment for your discipline. Please include these considerations in the proposed timeline of your proposal submission.

What is the mechanism of funding for Track 2?

An interdisciplinary postdoctoral scholar or up to two graduate students may be hired for one-year, renewable terms for up to two years and will be directly funded by the Institute. The second year of funding is contingent upon research progress made in Year 1. The Institute will fund the full salary plus benefits (NIH standard) for a postdoctoral scholar, or the stipend for each of the graduate students (standard stipend for the students’ home department). 

Am I allowed to hire someone other than a postdoc or graduate student?

No, as the intention of Track 2 is to provide funding for 1-2 research scientist(s) to dedicate 100% effort and time towards achieving the research goals outlined in the proposal. 

Is there an ideal number of team members to include on a Track 2 proposal?

No, although Track 2 proposals must involve a minimum of 2 PIs who intend to co-mentor either a postdoctoral scholar or two graduate students. Teams are encouraged to include more than two PIs and staff as contributors to the proposed research activities.

Track 3 (Infrastructure & Services):

What types of services can I request from CSSR and AETL? 

CSSR data scientists provide support in research design, data collection, and data analysis for social science fields; a full list of services for CSSR can be found here. The AETL data scientists and software engineers can help perform modeling & analysis for industry platforms and STEM, as well as build apps and online interfaces. For a consultation, please contact Brian Fogarty (CSSR, bfogart2@nd.edu) or Natalie Meyers (AETL, natalie.meyers@nd.edu).

Am I allowed to partner with external institutions / organizations for cost sharing for computational infrastructure? 

Yes, cost sharing with other entities is encouraged and will be considered a strength in the proposal review process. However, Track 3 proposals must still demonstrate that the proposed purchases will be physically located at Notre Dame, that they are of use to the broader Notre Dame community, and that they clearly advance research that is aligned with the mission of the Lucy Family Institute.

Track 4 (Partnerships):

Which companies am I allowed to partner with for Track 4A?

Industry collaborators must be South Bend/ Elkhart-based companies, and it is expected that proposers will collaborate with iNDustry Labs and AETL. If you are interested in collaborating with a company located in Indianapolis or elsewhere in the state, please see the AnalytiXIN RFP, which is a funding opportunity that is separate from this RFP.